Blood collection

Blood collection

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  Proper blood collection and appropriate conditions are a prerequisite for the quality and validity of the results of all tests.

  • Our staff has experience and ability in blood collection from special groups of patients with less visible veins, such as infants and children, the elderly, people with disabilities, patients with long hospitalisation or receiving chemotherapy etc.
  • Our laboratory has two blood collection rooms to serve patients in the shortest possible time.
  • We preserve the blood samples of our patients for 5 days so that there is the possibility of performing additional tests, avoiding additional blood collection.

In addition, there are specially designed areas for:

  • Waiting during tests, such as blood sugar curve, insulin etc.
  • Vaginal specimen collection.
  • Urethral specimen collection.
  • Collection of samples from skin lesions and nails.


   Upon consultation with our laboratory, specialised staff comes to your place and carries out the blood collection. Book an appointment either by phone or via the contact form.

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