Frequently Asked Questions

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Answers to frequently asked questions of the patients regarding the haematological and urological tests.

Haematological tests

I will visit the laboratory for tests. Should I not have eaten?

It depends on the tests your physician has requested.

For some of them, such as blood sugar or triglycerides, the patient should not have eaten.  For other tests, this is not necessary.  Therefore, you should not have eaten.

Urological tests

I have been asked to take a urological test. Do I have to bring the urine from home or give a sample at the laboratory?

Morning specimen is the best for a urine test.

The day before the test you should buy from a drugstore a urine collector (plastic cup) and bring the morning urine sample with you.

If, apart from the General Urine Test, you have been asked to also take a Urine Culture, before giving the urine, wash and wipe with a clean towel. Then, collect the urine in the urine collector.

When starting to urinate, it is better to let the first urine run into the toilet. Without stopping the urination, collect the remaining urine.