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The quality of our laboratory

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Quality for us, the people of the Laboratory “Aristeidis Kantas & Stavroula Bardi Private Company” with regard to the conduction of Biopathological (Haematology, Biochemical, Immunological, Microbiological) and Cytological tests means commitment to:

  • Meeting the needs of our customers.
  • Continuous improvement of the Quality of provided services.
  • Providing the necessary resources for the implementation and continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.
  • Compliance with all Legal/ Regulatory requirements.

In order to be consistent with the above, our company:

  • It has adopted a Quality Management System that complies with the International Standard ISO 9001:2015, which applies to all activities that have an impact on the satisfaction of our customers.
  • It participates in 4 external quality control programs
    • Biochemical program of ESEAP (Monthly)
    • Haematology program Riqas (Monthly)
    • Hormonal program Riqas (Monthly)
    • Program of the Hellenic Society of Haematology (Quarterly)
  • It applies daily meticulous internal quality control to laboratory analysers.
  • It continuously reviews and improves the characteristics of its services, where possible, as well as the efficiency of its processes and consequently of the entire Quality Management System.
  • It sets objective measurable Goals for Quality, which it establishes & evaluates in terms of the degree of their achievement, within the framework of the Management Review.
  • It provides the necessary resources for the smooth, efficient, and effective operation of each department.
  • It invests in continuous information, training, education of the staff, in order to promote the Quality in every activity.
  • It determines, measures, analyses, and evaluates the critical parameters of each process, in order to achieve the objectives/ goals of Quality.

   The Quality Policy and Quality Goals are determined and fully compatible with the company’s strategy.

   It is the belief of our Management that the implementation of the Quality System according to the international standard ISO 9001:2015 will contribute to the maximum to the achievement of the Company’s goals.

   The company’s Management, having faith in the principles of Quality, is committed to the faithful compliance with this Policy and to its dissemination to all employees.